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Big Love Fanfic
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Big Love Fanfiction


  • Be respectful, first and foremost. People who take the time to write do so simply to entertain others, please don't make them regret that they did so. If you don't like something, or feel something is not appropriate, please email me (rum.n.sunscreen@gmail.com). No flaming of any sort, for any reason, I work on a "Three strikes you're banned" rule.

  • All posts should be on topic. Links to other fan fiction you have written or to other communities/journals is allowed with my permission, please contact me.

  • Ratings (G through NC-17/X) are allowed, please put ratings on all your submissions.

That's all we have for now. Please promote, make graphics, anything to get this little community started.
Affiliates welcomed. Just contact us.

Your Mods: alystrastardust & glendora__

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